Students - Student Meeting Rooms

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The Room Booking system is available to NorQuest College students to book Student Meeting Rooms in the Learner Centre.

Learner Centre student meeting rooms are unavailable for booking until further notice. For questions, contact the Library via email or use the live chat on our website (during business hours).

  • 16 rooms are available to be booked in the Learner Centre (Room Locations map)
  • Rooms can be booked up to 1 week ahead
  • Individuals or groups may not book more than 2 hours per day
  • Bookings are held for fifteen minutes after which rooms may be reassigned
  • Student Use Only:

Instructors - Laptop Carts, Instructor Meeting Rooms and BTS equipment

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As part of this web portal service, bookings for laptop carts and laptops are available to NorQuest instructors only.

  • 15 laptop carts are available for booking
  • Laptops can be booked at any time
  • 7 meeting rooms are available for Instructor bookings
  • BTS equipment can be reserved through the NorQuest Service Desk
  • Instructor Use Only: